What is Just Walk Out technology?

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology enables you to enter a store, grab what you want, and get going without stopping to check out. It leverages computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning. Amazon uses this technology in several of its own store formats including Amazon Go and select Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market stores. Without a checkout process, you can quickly and easily get the items you need without having to wait in line.

How do I shop at a Just Walk Out technology enabled store?

The process to enter a Just Walk Out technology enabled store varies. To enter a store powered by Just Walk Out technology you can insert or tap a credit card at the entry gate. If the store is equipped with Amazon One, you also have the option to hover your palm over an Amazon One device at the entry gate. If the store uses a mobile app for entry, you simply scan the QR code on your device to enter.

Once in the store, you can grab what you want and your items will be added to your virtual cart. Items returned to a shelf will be automatically removed from your virtual cart. Simply take what you want from the store, leave, and your payment method will be charged after you exit the store. If you are new to using the Amazon One palm recognition service, you can enroll in less than a minute at enrollment kiosks outside the store.

Can my friends and family enter the store using my credit card too? Can we group shop?

Yes. You will follow the same entry process by using your selected payment method for the entire group. Then, the whole shopping group can enter the store—but keep in mind, since the group entered using your payment method, you’re paying for whatever the group takes from the store.

How do I get a receipt?

In most stores, you can sign up for email receipts by entering your email address at the receipt kiosk inside the store. After that, you’ll receive an itemized receipt via email for that visit and any future trips at Just Walk Out technology-enabled stores where you use the same credit card or Amazon One for entry. If you entered using the store’s mobile app, you’ll get a receipt in the app. Alternatively, you can lookup your receipt after your shopping trip at justwalkout.com/receipts.

How do I request a refund or return?

Refund policies vary by store. Please reach out to the store’s customer service contact to request a refund.

I’m a retailer, where can I learn more about Just Walk Out technology?

Visit us to learn how to bring Just Walk Out technology to your in-store retail environment.

What is Amazon One?

Amazon One is a fast, convenient, contactless identity service that allows you to use your palm to enter a location, identify yourself, and pay for your things. Visit one.amazon.com to learn more about Amazon One.
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